That is why, from its inception, one of the greatest challenges of a director is to make the spectator laugh. That is the reason why today we wanted to pay tribute to the best comedy movies in the history of cinema. This ranking list shows you some of the funniest movies of all time.

Something is wrong with Mary

Something happens with Mary gave us a series of indelible images in our minds, almost all happened in the bathroom. This comedy swept the worldwide box office in 98, and that is that word of mouth always works.

Few are those who manage to escape their eschatological humor and, although we recognize that it is not a masterpiece, we could not stop adding it to this list.

The plot revolves around the adventures of Ted, a young man in love with Mary. After the protagonist’s frustrated appointment with her during the graduation party, the film advances thirteen years.

His obsession for her has grown with the passage of time, to the point that he decides to hire the services of Healy, a rather clumsy detective.

American Pie

Anyone who has not seen American Pie has not had an adolescence. It may not be a masterpiece, but this film marked the beginning of one of the highest-grossing comic sagas in history.

The film is about a legion of inexperienced young people who live obsessed with the opposite sex.

Jim, one of them, is desperate because he is still a virgin. To that, he joins that his parents surprise him by watching pornographic films, so his situation at home gets worse.

In school, things do not go much better. The relationship with your girl does not go as she would like due to an exchange program.

Groundhog Day

On this occasion, Bill Murray plays a grumpy and unfriendly journalist condemned to relive, again and again, Groundhog Day. Everything repeats itself, except his perception that, what happens in each moment, he has already lived it.

With this simple premise begins a fun, entertaining and eloquent script that, in addition to creating ingenious situations, will create great empathy. The spectator will love the change of values of the protagonist without falling into obviousness or sentimentality. In short this movie is a masterpiece that you should see.

The Big Lebowski

This satire of American society is directed by the Coen brothers. The plot of the film revolves around a bum who lives in Los Angeles.

One day, a couple of thugs confuse him with the millionaire Jeff Lebowski, with whom he only shares the last name. After urinating on his carpet, the protagonist decides to go and look for him. When he finds it, the tycoon offers him a deal: find his wife in exchange for a generous reward. This is a strangely attractive film that we could not forget in this list of the best comedies in history.

Top Secret!

The famous American rock star Nick Rivers, played by Van Kilmer, arrives in East Germany to perform at a major festival.

However, this cultural fact is part of a secret plan to distract the world about what is really happening: the East German High Command, whose leader is General Streck, intends to reunite the two Germanies under a single government.

The singer will be involved in the operation and will help the French resistance. This crazy and absurd movie was a hit at the box office and no wonder.

These are some of the best movies that have come out in the past few decades. If you do not recognize some of the names on this list, then you definitely should make it a point to check them out right now.

There are a lot of great comedies out there and we’ll detail more in an upcoming article.

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