Nothing is so irritating as having a low-quality sound system in your cars especially on a long journey. You will ultimately arrive at your destination on time and safely with the factory sound system, but the driving time may not be that enjoyable. If you have a marginal sound quality that you cannot tolerate on your car, consider assembling a better car sound system. However, trade carefully, you may end up having a worse car audio quality.

In essence, your car audio has three components, the head unit, the amplifier boosts, and the speakers. The head units basically provide the audio signals while the work of the amplifier is to boost the signal, and the speaker produces the sound. Since the three component are dependent on each other, your car audio upgrade will largely be about these three components,

Below are some few tips on how to get better sound quality for your vehicle. Consider checking the compression rates of your sound files. You may already have a high-quality sound system; the problem may be your music files. So before you try any upgrade, consider using music files with low compression rates. With such kind of music files, the sound will be crystal clear, and the bass will be so much better. Also, be smart about sound adjustment, don’t just turn up the bass, well unless you’ve got good sound equipment. Doing so will only over-stress your speakers, and you will end up with distortion. Just be smart about your adjustment; leave the bass, and turn the mid-tone and increase the overall volume a little bit.

Replace your car speakers

Basically car audios have gone through significant changes over the years. In the past, cost and space was not necessarily a consideration, but today, modern systems are optimized for both space and costs, and this ultimately means sacrificing the quality of sound equipment and sound quality. So, you may need to tweak and upgrade your car sound system particularly the speakers.

Unlike the home audio system with discreet woofers, car audios generally make use of full range speakers to save space. But, this does not put out the sound quality of the woofer. Thus replacing the car full range speaker is the best way to enhance your car audio quality. You can always find better and affordable aftermarket high-quality speakers out there, just make sure it matches with your car design. Check the built material, RMS sensitivity, frequency range, and impedance. By installing a good aftermath speaker, you will notice a tighter bass, and clarity from your favorite tracks.

Choose a good head Unit

Your car head unit is the core of your car audio system. Therefore after you have your best speaker for your audio system, consider finding a good head unit. You will find quite a number of aftermarket head units models including the digital media received, double and single din head units. These come with a wide range of functionalities such as Bluetooth connectivity, and satellite radio. Changing the head unit will not only make your car look nice but will also allow you to change the sound setting accordingly or may allow you to listen to digital music.

Add an amp

The simplest car audio system will have a head unit and four speakers and a small amp inside the head unit. But space is of ultimate concern to the car manufacturer, so the amp is combined with the head unit. Amplifier are more like a booster, they power your entire audio system. No matter how your speakers may be, you will definitely get their best when you add more amps, but within their performance spec. A difference of 50 watts peak power per channel by a 50watt RMS from an outboard amplifier can make all the difference in the sound quality, That crispness in sound that allows you to hear individual instrument will only be possible if you add amps.

Add a subwoofer

You can decide to go the old fashion way and add a powered subwoofer. Essentially, a subwoofer fills in the deep bass missing from the regular car speaker. The good thing about a good powered subwoofer is that you do not have to worry about stereo parts if the lowest notes in music are your primary concern. With a powered subwoofer, your music will never be the same again; you will easily discover, those notes you couldn’t get in your music collection.  An excellent choice to consider is the Rockford Fosgate P3 and you can read more about it in that link’s review.

Consider using sound deadening materials

If you are looking for a quieter listening experience in your vehicle, consider using dynamat, It will significantly cut dour the vibration and road noises from the sound system, Dynamat and other sound deadening materials are pretty cheap, and can be applied to different parts of your car and still make a huge difference.

Replace the DAC

Every car with an audio system has digital to analog converter. A portable one will take the files playing off your smartphones and will translate them to into analog signal for better audio quality and high volume and still retain clarity, range, and depth. A built-in DAC does a good job, but it may not be able to deliver the same level as the portable one, so you may need to replace it for better audio quality.

Add an equalizer

Your car interior may have serious implication to your sound quality. For instance, plastic surface reflects sound better than absorbent materials. If a poor quality speaker is poorly placed in your care, you will end up with low-quality car audio output. You will need an audio fear to kill any peaks that prevent better sound from your system, whether it built in the receiver or mounted on your dash. Proper use of an equalizer will make all the differences when it comes to sound quality in your car.

Remember, all best car audio system will perform better when they are tuned properly, so you need to be a little smart about your adjustments. Don’t just turn up the factory radio tone control because this may not give you the best experience driving. You may be lucky to have a flawless stereo, but for those who don’t, there is a room for improvement. Trade carefully, let an expert do the installation job, to avoid making everything worse that it was.

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